On being Don(na) - Are you Good or Gifted

On being Don(na) - Are you Good or Gifted

Are you a Donna? Are you able to find the right things to say and do almost instinctively? Are you sensitive to how others feel?

If you have not yet guessed we are talking about the character from Suits. Yes, Harvey's conscience.

Recent research has shown that cognitive empathy is the best predictor for groups to solve complex problems. Not only are Don(na)s good for morale in a company, they are also essential for innovation. Don(na)s notice that people have an idea. If you do not have such a hidden idea spotter, how many ideas do you lose every week? How much is affecting your company growth, innovation and effectiveness? Is one of yours sitting on the idea that will revolutionize your industry? How will you know without a Don(na)?

Make no mistake; all organisations need more Don(na)s.

If you are one of the lucky ones, that are good at detecting how others feel and think; put yourself forward to lead the next brainstorm. Engage and help those that don’t speak up to find a voice. Share the courage and find the gems!

You ARE the bridge to the innovative future of your team.

Want to know how good you are? Do the Empathy test and find out. Good is above 26. Amazing is above 31. Never fear, we can all improve our score with practice.

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