If you understand any of the following terms then this series of events is for you; LARP, dendritic cell differentiation, Aeroelasticity and flutter, SAAS vs CSS and LMFA, STFU, ROFL. I’m calling all the real geeks out there, my people, the people that are interested in all the complex things in the world. 


If you have to explain complexity in simple terms to others and they never seem to get it, then the Geekspeak events need to be in your calendar!


The Geekspeak series is designed and facilitated by renowned speaker, author and corporate relationship coach Eksteen De Waal. The course series aims to help people, the geeks (like Eksteen) get their messages across clearly.


Learn how to speak like Tony Stark, present like the boss in front of a large audience and get your technical and complex information across clearly, with Geekspeak’s six-part series.


The sessions are very interactive, (and no, you do not have to get dressed up as Daenerys Targaryen or Darth Vader, not going to happen, but close!)

101: Business story crafting: How to go from insight to impact

Crafting a business story

I am not going to teach you how to write The Lord of the Rings. Here, I will help you take complex subjects you are trying to tell everybody else and turn them into a business story. This session will provide you with the frameworks to create content that ‘connects with’ your audience.

You will learn how to;

  • Identify your ‘Hook’

  • Organise your insights into memorable messages

  • Focus on the solution/ provide a case story

  • Leave your audience with actionable next steps


Eksteen de Waal:

CEO & Speaker

Take Away:

You will leave having crafted your first business story with impact, a framework in your toolbox to help you develop more stories and ideas on how to find the stories worth crafting.


102: Making it stick

Applied Viral Marketing

How to make it stick, and how to get other people to tell your story for maximum impact. If you have complex subjects that you need your audience to not only understand but also communicate to others, if you want to have your insights remembered or if you need your message to resonate across multiple parts of the organization, then this session of Geekspeak is your next move.


In session one you got the story elements, now let’s make it sing. Go from hum to sonic boom! Discover how to get your messages and personal brand to go viral. 

You will learn how to;

  • Get your audience hooked

  • Create social Capital with a story

  • Find out what creates impact

  • Learn a Viral Marketing framework that helps you to hook others for your stories. 


Eksteen de Waal:

CEO & Speaker

Take Away:

Have applied at least three ways of making your message viral and learned of three more you can apply to most stories.


103: Stories: Pitches to Speeches

Constructing a speech

How do I turn that story into something that is either a pitch or a Ted style Talk?

This session will give you the tools to repurpose your content and present in different ways to meet the needs of your speaking engagement. 

You will learn how to;

  • Apply a 1:3:1approach

  • Use a story arc

  • Story structures

  • Combining Insights and Hooks to create to highlight content

  • Easily adjust your speech to your audience.


Eksteen de Waal:

CEO & Speaker

Take Away:

You will craft your first 5 minutes of either a pitch or a TED-style talk. You will leave with structure frameworks that will help you craft more stories and speeches on the fly.


MC1: Masterclass: Maximising Impact using Technology

To slide or not slide

You might be a "geek", but that means we need to know how to use technology for the best effect while presenting. Many professionals have never really learned how to deliver a successful presentation with slides as support. Then, it’s not surprising that slides are still regularly used as a reading tool and that many presentations are experienced as boring by the listeners

This session will show you exactly how to use slides in the most powerful way so that you involve your listeners, your message comes across unambiguously and your story will be better remembered.

You will learn how to;

  • Decide on slide types and formats that best suit your presentation

  • Learn how to improve the impact of your slide deck

  • Improve listener attention span with careful use of slides

  • How to create brain-friendly slides

  • How to seamlessly move your audience's attention from you to slides and back again 

  • Seamless transitioning between topics


Frowa Schuitemaker

Presentation Intelligence 



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MC2: Masterclass: Owning the stage: Comedy and stagecraft in action

Why you should attend:

How can I own the stage? This masterclass from standup comedian and stagecraft coach Celia Delaney will transform you into a speaker that knows how to command the stage and have all eyes focused on you.

If the thought of facing a crowd gets you anxious then this session is for you.

What you'll learn

  • Tools to project your message using your body and voice

  • How to deal with nerves and anxiety when facing an audience

  • To become a more engaging speaker 

  • As a bonus, Celia can also show you how to add humour to your speeches!


Celia Delaney:

Standup comedian

Take away:

At the end of this session, you will feel more confident to stand up in front of others and speak with impact. This session is aimed at improving confidence, knowing what makes you look comfortable and to provide practice and poise.



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MC3: Masterclass: Becoming an exceptional speaker

Why you should attend:

The final super boss level.

This level presented by one of the best media coaches from Europe is going to equip you to become an exceptional speaker and make a keynote out of all of this. Get ready to level up from student to master! Dive into an exciting session with Media Coach Master Alan Stevens. 

You will learn about:

  • Knowledge of speech structures, and how and when to use each one

  • The ability to create and deliver a great speech at very short notice

  • How to craft and deliver any type of message to any audience

  • Tools and techniques to handle the most difficult questions


Alan Stevens:

Media Coach

Take away:

At the end fo the session you will know various structures of speeches, how to apply them, what makes a great speech and what is the value you can deliver.



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