The business of business is the business of people; the business of people is the business of relationships.

To unlock your organisations true potential, you need to uncover the hidden power of relationships.

We make the impossible seem possible.

When you realise that active employee engagement is around 10% worldwide, imagine what increasing that by a few percentage points would mean to you. What if this can be an annual growth trend? What difference will increased productivity, effectiveness and innovative ideas mean to your business?

The hidden power is in the relationships people have at work. Relationships improve organisational citizenship behaviour, improves cohesion and generates loyalty.

If you are part of a team, a leader in or leading the company; we have the solution for you to improve the relationships around you.




Teams are not merely groups of people with a common purpose, common goals or common targets. Teams are different as their performance is directly influenced by the relationships the individuals have with one another. For better or worse relationship make or break teams.

We not only help you discover the hidden relationship issues, the root causes of problems and where the issues lie, but also where the relationship strengths and potential can be developed to improve performance.

There is a difference between team building and building teams. We build teams. Brick by brick , relationship by relationship, we help you to strengthen the foundation that is your team and make it weatherproof. Our programs build resilience and performance. Your teams deliver better results, work more effectively together and grow closer and more open. Together we are all stronger than apart. We spend more time at work than at home. Why should our relationships be less meaningful, less engaging or less constructive? Let us help you find meaning, engagement and build a better team, together


Exponential Leadership

Leaders lead. What is a leader without followers? How many followers do you have? Do people willingly follow you? How strong are the bonds that you have forged with those that you lead? Do you know what drives them, motivates them or what they are afraid of? How much do you know about them? How can that be part of an effective leadership strategy that makes you and your fellow managers more effective and improve team performance?

These are just some of the questions we can help you answer and guide you to help those around you become more effective. The bonus is that it is also a personal leadership development path for you. You grow in your capabilities as a leader, discover your drivers and get practical advice, activities and interventions to make you a better leader, a better person and a force for change.





It is lonely at the top. It is a fact that has consequences.


People tell you less, bend perceptions more, try to get in your good graces, and all the while you have to sift through the information whilst thinking about tomorrow. The scope is immense. The paradox of choice is very real. Where do you find those relationships that help you, what parts of yourself are getting in the way of building those relationships or fostering ones you need to develop?

We will help you discover the areas you need to develop, the myths to less go of and the hights to strive for as a leader at the top.


We bring an insatiable desire for the latest in research, the best in practice and the most interesting of experiences together. We add our frameworks and own research into the mix and bring you the best for your unique situation. Because let's be honest, your situation is unique to you.


Join our CEO programme to learn about the latest trends and research that help you become the best CEO you can possibly be.


It does not matter if this is your first CEO role or an old hand in a news organisation. Are you busy with a merger, an acquisition or a change in leadership? Is your organisation growing so fast it is bursting at the seams? When there is a change afoot, we are there to help you. Our expertise and network are at your service.


Together we will help you transform to perform.

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